StarsBOX is a rustic cabin with a stargazing roof, a private hot tub, on-site restaurant and wine cellar, secluded in a beautiful garden in historic Piedmont, Italy.
  • Sleeps: 2
  • Bedroom: 1
  • Bathroom: 1
  • Minimum stay: 1 night

Secluded in La Morra, an ancient wine region in Piedmont, StarsBOX is a soothingly rustic cabin that celebrates all things astral.

Not only does this charming cabin-for-two feature a roof that opens to greet the sky, but there’s also a private hot tub that’s ideal for stargazing with a chilled glass of bubbles.

Secluded in an idyllic garden, you’ll feel the cares of everyday life float away from your shoulders, as you snuggle up in the downy bed and watch the ever-changing sky above.

Not only will you be served a delicious breakfast in the garden, but since there’s a restaurant and a wine cellar right on site, there’s no need to move so much as a muscle if you don’t want to.

(In such beautiful surroundings as these, seriously… who WOULD want to?)

Image credits: Officina82, Sarah Revelli, Simone Mondino, Elisa Coluffo.


  • Hot Tubs

Where you'll be staying

La Morra, Piedmont

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