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Arctic Fox Igloos

Ranua, Lapland, Finland

View the clear night sky (and possibly the Northern Lights) with a breath-taking stay in a glinting glass igloo on the edge of the Arctic Circle.
Bedrooms: 1 per igloo
From £380 / night

Milovaig House

Lower Milovaig, Isle of Skye, Scotland

A cosily restored 19th century crofter's house with a wood-burning hot tub, remotely nestled on the atmospheric, windswept cliffs of the Isle of Skye.
Sleeps: 6
Bedrooms: 2
From £150 / night

Panorama Glass Lodge

Mosfellsbær, Capital Region, Iceland

Luxuriate in the magnificence of the vast Icelandic sky, from the private comfort of a gleaming glass cabin with unrivalled panoramic views.
Sleeps: 2
Bedrooms: 1
From £300 / night

Trones Eye

Verdal, Trondelag, Norway

A cosy and welcoming ‘igloo' furnished with luxury beds, and occupying prime viewing position next to Norway's glistening Trondheim Fjord.
Sleeps: 4
Bedrooms: 3
From £171 / night

Star Arctic Hotel

Saariselka, Lapland, Finland

View the magical Northern Lights from the top of Finland's Kaunispää Mountain, in a uniquely awe-inspiring hotel.
Sleeps: 1-4
Bedrooms: Varies
From £130 / night

Levin Iglut Golden Crown

Kittilä, Lapland, Finland

A boutique-style glass igloo resort with hot tubs and a glass-roofed restaurant, showcasing fairytale views of Finnish Lapland and the Northern Lights.
Sleeps: 2 (+2)
Bedrooms: 28 Igloos
From £585 / night

Arctic Bath

Harads, Norrbotten, Norrboten, Sweden

This breathtaking, eco-friendly oasis of nature floats serenely under the midnight sun and the Northern Lights in the heart of Swedish Lapland.
Sleeps: 2-5
Bedrooms: 12 cabins
From £549 / night

AuroraHut Igloo

Inari, Lapland, Finland

Take a husky safari and await the arrival of the Northern Lights, with a ‘bucket list' stay in a gleaming glass igloo in Finnish Lapland.
Sleeps: 2
Bedrooms: 1
From £317 / night

Snow Igloo

Pelkosenniemi, Lapland, Finland

An authentic ‘winter wonderland', in the form of a Finnish igloo lovingly created from fresh snow, perfectly positioned on the Arctic Circle.
Sleeps: 6
Bedrooms: 1
From £92 / night

Hvaler Private Island

Moss, Vesteroy, Norway

An off-grid cabin, set on a natural private island in a sun-streaked Norwegian archipelago that feels blissfully cut off from the world.
Sleeps: 5
Bedrooms: 2
From £159 / night

Reykjavik Domes

Reykjavik, Iceland

Savour Nordic nature at its most beautiful, from the comfort of a sumptuous retreat with a log-burning stove, an al fresco hot tub, and snow-capped mountain views.
Sleeps: 2 (+1)
Bedrooms: Open plan
From £234 / night

Volda Floating Home

A unique large-group retreat, crafted from a restored car ferry and privately anchored on a glistening Norwegian fjord at the ‘gateway to the Arctic'.
Sleeps: up to 10
Bedrooms: 7
From £506 / night