Nomadic Retreats: Holiday Homes on the Move

14 March 2019

Humanswere made to wander and explore: it’s instinctive. 
But ifyou thought a mobile holiday meant attaching a heavy caravan to the back ofyour car, emptying out the chemical loo on your way, then it’s time to thinkagain.
If youcan’t stand a static stay, our hand-picked selection of movable retreats aresure to light the fire in your voyager’s soul.Glide through glistening waterways, take high tea in a vintage caravanhotel, or get blissfully lost in the California wilderness, with help from aquirky teardrop trailer.
The onlything you’ll find in common with this refreshingly eclectic range of movers isthat, just like you, they can’t bear to stay stuck in the same place for toolong!

Wanderlusts Gypsy Caravans

Cumbria, England
A traditional horse-drawn gypsy caravan adventure through beautiful Cumbrian countryside.
Bedrooms: 1
Sleeps: 2 (+ 2 children)
£200 / night

Floating Dreams

Nantwich, Cheshire, England
It's time to set sail on a narrowboat adventure, courtesy of Floating Dreams as you explore the most beautiful waterways in the North West of England ...
Bedrooms: 1
Sleeps: Up to 6
£415 (3 nights)


Wittenbach, St Gallen, Switzerland
Explore the rural tripoint of Switzerland, Austria and Germany in a colourful choice of light, bright and eco-friendly vintage caravans!
Bedrooms: 1
Sleeps: Varies
£82 / night


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