Zero Real Estate is a wall and window-free bed project on a glorious mountainside, spectacularly secluded in the Swiss Alps.
  • Sleeps: 2
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathroom: 1
  • Minimum stay: None

Imagine a traditional idyllic Swiss mountainscape, and it’s likely you’ll picture Toggenburg.  An ever-popular ski resort, the majestic Säntis Mountain lies at your feet, amongst a lush pine tree and gingerbread house-dotted valley.

The brainchild of concept artists Frank and Patrik Riklin, Zero Real Estate takes three ‘hotel suites’, and simply places them in the breathtaking midst of the mountainscape.

Your experience begins with an easy check-in at the nearby Hotel Alpenrose. From there, your personal butler will escort you directly to your secluded Swiss paradise.

The Burst Suite takes in the beauty of the Säntis in all its glory, set high above the Toggenburg valley.  Discover the Schwendi Suite above the sparkling Lake Schwendisee, with the distant chime of cowbells as your soundtrack.  Finally, the Stump Suite lies under a canopy of ancient trees and birdsong, set conveniently close to the hotel sauna and spa.

Completely unencumbered by windows and walls, you’re free to admire your surroundings in all their captivating glory.   Drift off amongst the emerging stars overhead…and with all that fresh mountain air, a sound night’s sleep is all but guaranteed!  When you wake, you’ll find a tasty breakfast basket delivered directly to your bed – from which you may never, ever want to emerge again. ©: Photo: Toggenburg Tourism, Switzerland


  • Off-Grid

Where you'll be staying

Wildhaus, Toggenburg

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