Drift off to sleep under the stars, in a transparent bubble hotel situated in Switzerland's refreshingly rural Thurgau.
  • Sleeps: 2 per bubble
  • Bedrooms: 1 per bubble
  • Bathroom: 1
  • Minimum stay: none

Bordered by Lake Constance, the River Rhine and Germany to the north, the Swiss winemaking region of Thurgau is perfectly peppered with vineyards, hills, orchards and beautiful gardens.  

Well…if you’re going to drift off to sleep in a transparent bubble, you’ll want the morning scenery to be just as naturally captivating as the star-studded sky!

Comprising five bubbles; four permanently situated (you’ll find one located directly by Lake Constance) and one that changes its location every three months, you’ll discover a cosy double bed set in the midst of nature.  “Himmelbett” translates directly to “sky bed” in English, and indeed, you’ll feel as though you’re floating in the enormous sky above, as you close your eyes and enjoy a sound night’s sleep.

Linen and towels are provided, with deluxe facilities found within walking distance. By day, why not enjoy all the pleasures to be discovered in your bubble’s unique location, with everything from a mouthwatering garden restaurant to free museum access available?  

With something new to see and do in every direction, along with two bikes included with your stay so you can go explore, you’ll never want this particular holiday bubble to burst.


  • Adults Only

Where you'll be staying

Lake Constance, Thurgau

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