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New to Host Unusual: Uniquely eclectic European escapes

28 November 2018

They say variety is the spice of life and if that mantra is true, then we’ve devised a tantalising spice route like no other throughout Europe, as we introduce an eclectic bunch of properties each with its own distinctive character and personality. 

Think uniquely historic conical stone cottages in Italy, futuristic bubbles perched in the trees, ultra-light 1960s vintage caravans, straw igloos/castles and a converted crane with sky high hot tub in Holland, and last but not least a circular swoon house that defies logic in Spain.

We certainly don’t do usual here…

Trullo of Dreams
| Apulia, Italy


If you think you’ve seen Trullo of Dreams somewhere before, you could be right. Used as a filming location for the BBC and American television shows, you can be sure that the views both inside and out are even more magnificent when seen in real life! Steeped in centuries of history, this stunning trullo with its iconic conical roof has been carefully renovated to preserve its breathtaking original features, with plenty of attention to detail throughout. The result is unique and luxurious accommodation for up to six people, complete with stone-built Puglian kitchen, spacious and inviting outdoor swimming pool, hammock, loungers and plenty more – a true Italian idyll.

Atmo’Sphere | Midi-Pyrenees, France


Cocoon yourself in romance and relaxation in the South of France, with a futuristic bubble home set amongst nature’s delights.That heady, unmistakable feeling of ‘getting away from it all’ is all but guaranteed with a restorative stay at Atmo’Sphere, a beautiful bubble retreat set amongst the serene beauty of the Southern French countryside. Here you’ll discover a choice of three bubbles to rest your head. The Bull’O Sol (Earth Bubble) is found amongst the lush grass, complete with its own private Jacuzzi, Dôme Perché is, as its name suggests, perched five metres above ground for spectacular views, whilst The Bull’O Bois Dormant (Still Wood Bubble) is found in private secluded woodland. Bliss!

Rosita | St Gallen,Switzerland


The brainchild of travel journalist and artist Gerold Huber, Rosita is a uniquely fun, refreshing and eco-friendly way to travel through the lush landscapes of Central Europe. Retro Rolling Rosita comprises nine ultra-light and iconic 1960s caravans, gently refurbished and individually styled to retain their natural character. You’ll find everything you need for a fun country break inside, including cosy sleeping space and an equipped kitchenette. Each vintage caravan is partnered with its very own electric tow car, meaning you can travel the villages and landscapes to your heart’s content, safe in the knowledge that your carbon footprint will be minimal as you explore the rural tripoint of Switzerland, Austria and Germany in your colourful home!

Hayema Heerd | Groningen, Netherlands


Located on an authentic and refreshing Dutch farm in the rural north of the Netherlands, yet just twenty minutes from the stunning city of Groningen, Hayema Heerd Straw Hotel is a bucket-list stay just begging to be experienced. After all, who could resist the nostalgic fairytale temptation of sleeping on straw under a huge and characterful sky? Choose from a straw igloo, a royally extraordinary straw castle and a straw hayloft. Each of these hay retreats comes complete with electricity, toasty heating and endless rural views, along with surprisingly luxurious beds made from a thick, cosy layer of straw, topped with mattresses and downy quilts. The perfect ingredients for an adventure as comfortable as it is unique.

Crane Hotel Faralda | Amsterdam, Netherlands


Staying in The Netherlands, yet on a much more vertiginous tip, we set our sights high at Crane Hotel Faralda, arguably the most spectacularly original hotel you’ll ever stay in! Set in a former harbour crane painstakingly renovated and refurbished from scrap, this remarkable edifice is now a luxurious setting worthy of the prestigious Pieter van Vollenhoven Award for Restoration. The stylish hotel is positioned 165 feet above ground, on the scenic banks of the River IJ, overlooking the bustling centre of Amsterdam. Discover a new world of unusual opulence starting with the wow factor suites, before exploring the stunning Panoramic Lounge and heated Spa Pool …ideal for surveying an illuminated Amsterdam by night.

Solo Office | Aragón, Spain


Finally, we pay an eagerly anticipated visit to jaw-droppingly innovative architecture, secluded amongst untouched forest land set within the mountainous ‘Spanish Tuscany’. This is Solo Office (above and main photo), a house brought to life by Belgian architects Office KGDVS – and a house unlike any other! Just like a Picasso painting, it takes the standard components of a house and rearranges them in breathtaking style, making for a completely unique and immersive stay. This circular house almost disappears within the forest, showcasing the natural surroundings. Glass, concrete, steel and marble are used to their greatest effect, and the house is filled with light, sensory illusion and clever reflections to leave you in awe!


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