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7 December 2018

When you’re near water, it’s a scientific fact that the air you breathe is charged with negative ions, and this fresher air is said to not only improve alertness, but also balance serotonin, which in turn will make you HAPPY! 

We didn’t really need convincing of this, but we thought it would give us the perfect excuse to find a few more incredible places for you to explore that all share a lucky and enviable waterside setting.

From two British beachfront beauties to a Goan paradise, an exquisitely private Nicaraguan lakeside island and a beautiful Tasmanian barn amidst the rainforest, you can find your H2O fix here.

Calshot Luxury Beach Huts | Hampshire, UK


Waking up to the sounds of the waves and an achingly beautiful sunrise could not feel refreshingly closer than at Calshot Luxury Beach Huts (above and main picture), exquisitely set on the sands at Calshot, Hampshire. Affectionately named ‘Gullwing’ and ‘Little Tern’, we can guarantee you’ll fall head over heels in love with these two beautiful huts, positioned side by side on the beach. Each measures a roomy 7x3m, and is hand-built from insulated panels that cleverly keep you cool in summer, as well as toasty in winter, with the aid of a warming wood burner. Beach bliss!

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Shangri-La House | Norfolk, UK


If you were going to create your very own Shangri-La, you could choose no finer UK location than Waxham to do it, as this beautifully unspoilt beach is frequently mentioned as one of the country’s finest. A stylish re-imagining of the traditional wood-built coastal chalet set within an acre of lush grounds and also delightfully close to the popular Broads, the three-bedroom house was designed by award-winning Mole Architects to maximise its stunning surroundings. Imagine the luxury of a 5-star hotel, with one of Norfolk’s best beaches as the backdrop – sold?

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Yab Yum Resort | India


Reviewed by The Guardian as ‘Goa for grown-ups’, if you can’t relax, unwind and breathe easy amongst the lush palm groves at Yab Yum Resort, then you simply aren’t human. Yab Yum translates as “the union of one”, and with focus on wellbeing and relaxation all centred around the peacefully unspoilt Ashwem Beach, you’re sure to feel more at one with yourself than ever before. Just one evening watching the blazing sun sink over the warm Arabian Sea from the comfort of your honey pod, dome or cottage will be all you need to de-stress from everyday life.

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El Coyol Private Island | Nicaragua


Enjoy some of the most spectacular views you’ll ever see from El Coyol, a private island for up to eight lucky guests, exquisitely positioned on the freshwater Lake Nicaragua. Featured in the Evening Standard as one of the world’s most breathtaking private islands, think blissful seclusion, sumptuous serenity, and first-class service from a small team of dedicated staff. An idyllic wonderland surrounded by exotic, butterfly-studded flora and fauna, you’ll forget all about your stressful life back home from the moment you step ashore into that perfect infinity pool.

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The Cob Barn
| Tasmania


Welcome to The Cob Barn – a unique, hand-sculpted barn conversion in cob (hence the name!) that has been completely transformed into a cosy and welcoming couples’ retreat, in a timeless country house style that almost begs you into a state of immediate relaxation. You’ll find this beautiful earth barn with interior lime-rendered walls and lake front decking on the northern slopes of Mount Arthur in Tasmania, on the edge of 40 acres of temperate rainforest, and beside a small tranquil lake often visited by wild ducks and the occasional platypus.

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