Ideas and Inspiration For Your Babymoon Glamping Break in the UK

28 May 2024

Yes, you heard us right. We just said “babymoon” and “glamping” in the same sentence.

We wouldn’t blame you if you’ve never imagined those two concepts together before. Surely if you’re expecting a little one, you’d want a little more luxury from your last ‘free’ holiday?

But the days of pitching your own tent in the rain have long gone.

Glamping – or, luxury camping – has been around since 2005, and in that time the concept has grown to become ever-more opulent. These days it’s more than possible to bed down in a yurt, cabin, or pod that’s more akin to a plush hotel suite than a traditional tent.

Some glamping sites have been beautifully converted from historic or one-of-a-kind buildings, which together with some dreamy pics, can create a wonderful story to tell your child once they’re older.

And when you add the natural beauty and calm of the Great Outdoors, you’ll soon find glamping has everything you need for a perfect pre-parenthood break!

Hush Hush Glamping, Powys

Pros of glamping for a babymoon

• You’ll be close to nature, without having to put up a flimsy tent in the rain.
• Most, if not all holiday facilities are provided, so you can cook and freshen up while still packing perfectly light.
• Glamping inspires a feeling of freedom that no hotel room can quite replicate – ideal if you’re about to have a baby!
• Many glamping sites offer spa treatments and relaxation packages that are specifically designed for mums-to-be.
• Glamping is such a popular holiday choice that you’ll have a wealth of sites to choose from, home or away.

With options so many and varied, we’ve put our heads together on some advice and inspiration that means you can choose the best UK glamping site for your babymoon.

The spa at Beacon Hill Hideaways, Northumberland

Check glamping site facilities before you book

When it comes to glamping, one size definitely doesn’t fit all.

For example, some sites will be off-grid, meaning you won’t have electricity (this can feel surprisingly lovely). Others may offer bathroom facilities that are a short walk away from the main living space, when you might prefer a loo in easier reach.

You may also want to choose a glamping site with a cafe or restaurant – because there will be more than enough cooking and food-prep to do once baby arrives! – and plenty of places to lounge in style.

Alder Vineyard Kitchen and Bar at Lilypod, Devon

Indulge in the ultimate mum-to-be activity…

… which is otherwise known as: “getting in as much relaxation-time as possible!” Babymoon glamping is wonderful for relaxing, as the peaceful, natural environment just compels you to unwind.

Even on colder days, it’s likely your accommodation will be nicely heated – many boast wood-burning stoves, which are ideal for curling up by with a good book – or rolltop bath tubs, which can be filled to the brim with warm water and scented bubbles… bliss!

When the sun’s out, you could take gentle strolls around the site or in the wider countryside, perhaps armed with a tasty picnic to help nature-watching along.

Other babymoon glamping activities might include sketching and painting the rural views, writing a journal (or even a letter to your baby), or simply getting lost in uninterrupted conversation with your loved one – something that may well feel like a luxury before long!

Firepit and outdoor bath at Arcadia Glamping, Stirling

Treat yourself to extras

Many UK glamping sites offer extra services to help mums-to-be feel nicely pampered and revived. These include on-site spa treatments, morning meditation and yoga, and hot, freshly-prepared meals.

Some sites hold fun communal evenings around the firepit, while others offer specific babymoon glamping packages that tailor your break to perfection, meaning you won’t have to lift so much as a finger during your stay.

Why not browse the listings in our dedicated Glamping category, and discover the perfect setting for your well-deserved babymoon?

Author: Nina Jervis
Main image: Twin baths at A Little Bit of Rough, Rutland


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Ideas and Inspiration For Your Babymoon Glamping Break in the UK

Yes, you heard us right. We just said “babymoon” and “glamping” in the same sentence. We wouldn’t blame you if...