Holiday like a magnate… with a private island break!

21 August 2017

Privateisland breaks are definitely not just for the likes of Richard Branson. Whether you’re sporty, romantic, keen onopen-air adventure or you just want to sit back and enjoy the scenery, there’san ideal island break waiting for you and your favourite people… just waitingto be savoured!
Idealfor group celebrations (seriously, howgrand will you feel, telling everyone you know that you’re going to stay on aprivate island!), you’ll be magically secluded – meaning plenty of time tocatch up, relax and indulge – while surrounded by unspoilt landscapes, nativewildlife and abundant luxury. 
Can youthink of any better way to spend a mini-moon, a wedding, or a friends’ reunion,to name just a few examples?
Here atHost Unusual HQ, we love to spoil you… so now we’re going to do just that withour exclusive collection of the best Private Island breaks, all featuring alittle something for everyone. What’s more, you won’t have to travel very far,because all of these wonderful islands are found right here in the UK!


We beginwith Scotland’s breathtaking and lovingly family-run Isle of Carna, featuring 600 blissful acres of fresh, wildflowerand heather-strewn luxury.
Youwon’t find any digital distractions here, just sparkling coastal waters and atruly spectacular natural vista. With only three privately-situated houses onthe island – two of which are available to stay in – your neighbours are theabundant local wildlife (think otters, eagles, dolphins and colourfulbutterflies, for a wildlife-watcher’s paradise).
Scalethe island’s 550ft summit if you’re feeling energetic, take a ramble throughthe hillsides, or simply launch your own watery expeditions by boat – thechoice is yours. The clear, unpolluted sky may even show you the NorthernLights on certain nights.

Travellingto County Fermanagh, we transport you to the Belle Isle Estate, an Area of Specific Scientific Interest andSpecial Area of Conservation, comprising 400 lush acres exquisitely nestled inthe tranquil waters of Lough Erne.
Choosefrom a selection of holiday cottages – or 17th century Belle IsleCastle, with its stone walls and large sculpted windows, the opulent palace youpictured when you were little! 
BelleIsle Castle once played host to the most eminent nobles, and now houses supremeluxury accommodation for up to 26 guests, with a Grand Hall for the finest ofbanquets. What will you celebrate?

If youthought Essex was the home of the orange tan, the Estuary accent and not muchelse, you need to pay a visit to OseaIsland.
Locatedwithin the Blackwater Estuary in Essex, Osea Island can only be accessed by anancient causeway (used in the film and TV adaptations of ‘The Woman in Black’)- with a delightful feeling of utter seclusion for you and your loved ones.
Chooseyour accommodation from a sumptuous Edwardian manor house or a selection ofcosy beach and inland cottages, then sit back and enjoy the sound of the tidelapping against the 4.5 mile coastline… with the stars as your night-lights andall five species of English owl on permanent watch.
(If youlike your holidays to have a star-studded edge, then you may be interested toknow that Osea Island’s recording studio has been graced with the presence ofJessie J, Tinie Tempah and McFly!).

It’sback to Scotland for our next retreat, the ruggedly beautiful Torsa House and Island. The only property on Torsa Island, situatednear Oban on the West Coast, you can luxuriate in all the unspoilt beauty ofthis mile-long, wildlife-steeped sanctuary.
You’llbe provided with your own motorboat for total independence… so why not explorethe neighbouring bays and islands, or head to the mainland for some shopping? Backon your island, head out onto the south-facing conservatory with a well-earnedglass of wine, and enjoy some of the most amazing island and sea views you’llever see.

Finally,perfect for adventurous spirits, TrannishIsland Bothy is the ultimate rustic retreat.
Sleepingtwelve intrepid explorers at a time, the Bothy is a renovated island dwellingnestled in the waters of Lough Erne, County Fermanagh. Indulge in aself-sufficient, eco-friendly stay on the island, where canoeing and kayakingare a speciality (try a Viking Long Boat Cruise for an unforgettableexperience!). 
TheShare Discovery Village, run by a local charity, is found across the water,offering an array of exhilarating water and land-based activities from archeryto banana boating to bushcraft.
So… havewe convinced you to take a private island break this year? Our Private Islandsand Estates category includes a fine selection for you to choose from, so youcan celebrate your next event – or even just catch up with the people you lovethe most – in truly unsurpassed style.


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