Recharge your batteries and find your muse at the Arctic Hideaway, an exquisite cluster of houses on the remote Norwegian island of Fleinvær.
  • Sleeps: Up to 10
  • Bedrooms: 5
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Minimum stay: 2 nights

Fordypningsrommet, the architect-designed brainchild of a Norwegian composer and musician, means “room for deeper studies”, and in this cluster of raised single-function houses – one of which is dedicated solely to contemplation – you can detox from life, be at one with nature and emerge completely refreshed.

Whether you’re a budding or experienced creative type, you’ll find plenty of inspiration amongst the unspoilt beauty of Fleinvær, an island positioned above the Arctic Circle, complete with exposed rocky landscape and crisp coastal breezes. You’ll find no shops and no traffic here – meaning absolutely no distractions (unless you count the occasional showings of the Aurora Borealis!)

The island is only accessible by boat, and your journey begins with a ferry trip from the Norwegian coastal town of Bodø. When you arrive on Fleinvær, you’ll discover a beautiful gathering of small houses, all of which are minimalist in style, clad in sustainable wood and equipped with simple furnishings.

Each house has its very own function, and you’ll find four are dedicated to sleep, one to preparing and cooking food, a studio living house, a bathhouse and an invigorating sauna. The final house, raised on its own pillar, is dedicated simply to contemplating the beauty of life and finding your own inspiration.

Stay on your own or with a group of up to ten people (extra sleeping arrangements can be made for fifteen people if necessary). All you need to do is ensure you are properly equipped for all weather conditions – your suitcase may contain a combination of wool, layers, shorts, some food supplies and a torch – and you will be perfectly prepared for a creatively and naturally immersive holiday.

Whatever the time of year, you will find ever-changing skies and plenty of natural scenery to feast your eyes upon, which is why it is recommended that you book a stay no shorter than three days! The Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) will commonly appear from late August, while stunning, soul-refreshing storms are common in November, complete with breathtaking purple skies.  

Sunrise and sunset watching take on a whole new meaning here, with the huge, clear sky a perfect showcase for the sun, moon and endlessly twinkling stars.

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At a glance

  • A cluster of nine raised, wood-constructed, single-function cabins, nestled on the Norwegian Arctic island of Fleinvær. Five cabins contain beds, one a kitchen, one a living area, one a sauna, one a bathhouse.
  • Ideal for groups of up to ten people (fifteen can be accommodated if needed) who want to detox from life undisrupted, discovering creative inspiration amongst rugged scenery and the Northern Lights.
  • It is recommended that you arrange a stay of at least three days’ duration, due to weather constraints and to fully appreciate the beauty and isolation of your surroundings.
  • Fly to Bodø, and arrange ferry transportation to Fleinvær (there are usually two daily public departures to and from the island). Private boat rent is also possible, nice to combine with fishing. Your host will assist with travel arrangements if needed.
  • Discover the hideaway for yourselves by renting it privately or join fellow travellers in the experience. Food is provided by the Hideaway and you make your own food from an open pantry.
  • Local island tours and activities can be arranged if required.


  • Family Friendly
  • Large Groups
  • Off-Grid
  • Seaside Breaks


Sleeps up to 10 (fifteen can be accommodated if needed) across 5 cabins (2 doubles, 3 twin), kitchen house, sauna, bathhouse, studio house/lounge.

Local activities

Northern lights, beaches, fishing, beaches, art, music, boat trips, island tours.

More information

Bear in mind that in this exceptional part of the world, the sun doesn’t rise at all between mid-December and mid-January (although the skies are presented in a swell of colours despite the sun’s absence)…so if you’re not a night owl, or a fan of the dark, this is a month that’s best avoided.  

Of course, you don’t have to feel completely isolated here if you don’t want to. Tours can be arranged to visit the neighbouring islands, or you can try your hand at local activities including fishing, birdwatching and shell picking. The local beaches is reachable with boat, and

You may find, however, that blissful isolation suits you – and that it makes for the perfect excuse to get started on that creative masterpiece you’ve long been planning in the back of your mind.

Things to note

It is possible to sleep up to 15 maximum, enquire for details. The Arctic Hideaway provide food for you to cook in the commual kitchen, it is also possible to rent a private chef. The Hideaway also encourages digital detoxes, but should you need Wi-Fi it is available on request. Please note that there are savings for groups, bringing the average daily night rate down.

Fleinvaer: timelapse northern lights from Håvard Lund on Vimeo.


Where you'll be staying

Sorvaer, Fleinvaer

What the guests of The Arctic Hideaway say

“The most isolated yet never lonely week spent so far this year. Incredible place to stay awhile, especially loved the wood burning sauna and swimming in the frozen ocean. All the rooms are designed with such care and attention to detail giving the place a feeling of calm and harmony with the epic nature surrounding. Here one is never bored, but rather relaxed in tune with the glacial pace of the island.”

“This little slice of heaven deserves more than five stars! Having never been to Norway we had no idea what to expect from the offer of an architectural hideaway in the middle of an archipelago but crikey did it deliver on every level! The small buildings have been designed with thought and care and the experience of sleeping in your cosy cabin is magic! I absoloutely loved being so close to the water and exploring the island can be done in an hour or two by land, with some of the most extraordinary views I have ever seen. The two central buildings work perfectly as the hub and unsurprisingly were where we spent most of our time, cooking, laughing and mostly enjoying the incredible views! For me, enjoying the design of the buildings was also a huge part of my appreciation of this place but I also loved spending so much time outside, witnessing the aurora borealis, in the sauna (heaven!) and even in our arctic survival suits in the water, fantastic! If it was this good with no sunlight, then I’m already desperate to return in the summer! Thank you Håvard and your fantastic team.”

“I travel to Norway several times a year but this place is something special! An incredibly nice place in combination with perfect architecture. Everything placed on a fantastic island with nice villagers. If you should just visit a place in Norway, I think you should start here. An incredibly beautiful accommodation in a beautiful place for a good price.”

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