Get yourself locked up in Karostas Cietums, an extreme Latvian prison experience that isn't for the faint of heart!
  • Sleeps: 1
  • Bedrooms: 11
  • Bathrooms: varies
  • Minimum stay: none

Originally built in 1900, Liepaja’s notorious Karosta Prison spent its early years as an infirmary, before becoming a Nazi and Soviet military jail from which World War Two prisoners made desperate attempts to escape.  Some were sentenced to death, and the prison has since featured on television amidst claims of regular hauntings.

Now renovated as a hotel and tourist centre, there is quite simply no better place to experience an authentic ‘prisoner’ life…except that you get to leave at the end of your stay!

Simply sign a consent form, and you can experience an ‘Extreme Night’ in the Communist-era prison, complete with enforced exercise and insults from the guards, cleaning duties, prisoner rations and an iron-clad cell complete with bed, toilet, a small dresser…oh, and cast iron bars on the door.

When your experience is over, you can learn more about the prison’s history with a guided tour, enjoy an escape room experience, and even take a few souvenirs home with you.

Just don’t forget to obey your orders from the surprisingly friendly staff!


  • Large Groups

Where you'll be staying

Liepaja, Kurzeme

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