Experience a symphony of Norwegian nature, history and cutting-edge architecture in the first European hotel of its kind.
  • Sleeps: varies
  • Bedrooms: 9
  • Bathroom: 1
  • Minimum stay: none

If you want to feel the cares and stresses of everyday life melt away almost as if by magic, there is surely no better place to escape to than Juvet.  

Nestled within Burtigarden Farm in the rural Norwegian village of Valldal, you’ll find Juvet beautifully strewn with birch, aspen and refreshing pine trees.

The hotel consists of nine privately detached, glass-walled rooms, all situated within the landscape itself, for you to enjoy all the beauty of your surroundings in bright, panoramic view.  

Two of the rooms are built to resemble birdhouses, with each one individually styled and constructed using cutting-edge architectural techniques. You can also choose to stay in the stunningly restored farm buildings, including the mill house, barn and farmhouse.

Enjoy a communal meal in the old barn, and then why not enjoy exploring the tranquil spa, built within the river land and constructed to resemble a cave? Here you’ll discover a steam room, a relaxation area and an invigorating outdoor hot tub – perfect for stargazing after a long walk or ski trip!

So get ready to relax amongst the pines in this natural Nordic haven, where a uniquely reviving stay is all but guaranteed. 

Where you'll be staying

Valldal, Alstad

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