Live your childhood dreams of flying and sleep in an aeronaut's cabin, in a unique, immersive fantasy world of historic aviation and adventure, set within one of Europe's best-loved theme parks.
  • Sleeps: 2 or 4 per cabin
  • Bedrooms: 1 or 2 per cabin
  • Bathrooms: 1 per cabin
  • Minimum stay: 1 night

Named after the famed American aviator and inventor (who in 1927 completed the first non-stop flight from New York City to Paris), the Hotel Charles Lindbergh is a unique setting, in which your dreams of flight are made gloriously real!

The aviation-themed hotel soars above the Steampunk city of Rookburgh… an immersive, detail-rich fantasy-world set within Phantasialand, a renowned German theme park.

Jets of white steam rise up from Rookburgh’s streets, enchantingly lined with vintage-style buildings, vehicles, and captivating billboards from aviation’s glory days. Meanwhile, machinery pommels in the distance, and a revolutionary flying machine thunders its way past!

Your unique journey begins just as soon as you’ve entered the hotel and made your way along its chequered corridor, strewn with classic suitcases, towards the themed check-in desks at reception. 

Here, you will be fully inducted into the exclusive Explorers’ Society!  

What does membership entail, exactly? Well, along with sleeping in an authentically-styled vintage aeronaut’s cabin, you’ll enjoy guest-only access to the hotel’s bar and restaurant…

…not to mention exclusive check-in, by a private boarding gate, to F.L.Y. – the revolutionary flying machine you watched in open-mouthed wonder, as it zoomed its way over and under the streets of Rookburgh, passing right through the hotel itself.

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At a glance

  • A detail-rich, uniquely immersive aviation-themed hotel in the fictional Steampunk city of Rookburgh, part of the popular German theme park Phantasialand.
  • Phantasialand is located in Brühl, just 15 minutes from Cologne by train. Shuttle buses are available from the station, transporting guests directly to and from the park.
  • Each authentically-styled aeronaut’s cabin features two single beds (family cabins are also available, consisting of two inter-connected cabins) and a private bathroom.
  • A stay at the Hotel Charles Lindbergh grants each guest exclusive membership of the Explorer’s Society, which consists of:
    • Guest-only access to the entire hotel
    • A three-course evening meal and a buffet breakfast each morning, served in the guest-only Uhrwerk restaurant
    • Exclusive access to the hotel Bar 1919
    • Exclusive check-in and private boarding gate (once a day) to F.L.Y., the world’s first flying launch coaster, which flies through the hotel itself!
    • Access to the rest of Phantasialand’s many immersive themed worlds and award-winning attractions
  • Phantasialand features two additional hotels, Ling Bao and Matamba, authentically styled and furnished in Asian and African themes.


  • Family Friendly


Aviation-themed cabins, each sleep 2 guests.  2 single beds with bedding, TV, wardrobe, under-bed storage, themed accessories, private bathroom with shower and WC.  Towels included.  Family cabins consist of 2 interconnected cabins, to sleep up to 4 guests.  Exclusive access to hotel restaurant and bar, 3 course meal and breakfast included.  Private boarding gate to F.L.Y. launch coaster (once a day), access to theme park attractions.

Local Activities

See Phantasialand’s website for a full description of attractions and activities.

More information

The first of its kind in the world, F.L.Y. is an incredible flying launch coaster whose unique engineering mimics the carefree sense of flight. Securely fastened into your seat, you’ll swivel effortlessly into a prone position (you can even release your arms if you dare) as you swish through the skies.

What to do when you’re back on the ground? Savour a three-course evening meal in the hotel’s Restaurant Uhrwerk – try the home-made shovel of irresistibly flavoured French fries – then relax for the rest of the evening in Bar 1919.   

Here, you can sample 15 kinds of craft beer (order a tasting platter if you’re not sure which to opt for!) or even treat yourselves to a candy-festooned cocktail-for-two, before enjoying a round of darts or pool.

Your private, domed aeronaut’s cabin will be waiting when the day is finally done. Expertly crafted from warm wood, gleaming brass, and soft leather, there are two comfy single beds to curl up in (family cabins are also available), and you’ll have a private bathroom to freshen up in.  

The immersive attention to detail doesn’t stop here. There are plenty of joyous accessories to make you feel as though you’re actually on board a flying machine… such as flight goggles and a fun hatch-style wardrobe! There’s plenty of storage, and a TV if you really need it, too.

After a restful night’s sleep, all that’s left to do is head back to Restaurant Uhrwerk for a mouth-watering buffet breakfast, then explore the rest of Phantasialand’s distinctive themed areas and award-winning attractions.

Whole new worlds of discovery await!

Things to note

The Hotel Charles Lindbergh aeronaut cabins are not suitable for children under 8. * Price includes 2 day entrance to the park, dinner, breakfast and fast passes (Hotel Charles Lindberg).

Where you'll be staying

Brühl, North Rhine-Westphalia

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