A self-proclaimed ‘accommodation bookshop' with over 1,700 books to browse through, and simple ‘secret' rooms hidden behind the bookshelves.
  • Sleeps: 1-4
  • Bedrooms: 55 beds
  • Bathrooms: Shared
  • Minimum stay: 1 night

If you love a good bedtime story, you’ll find your heaven at Book and Bed Tokyo!  

A vast library-cum-hostel, there’s a rich, diverse array of 1,700 fiction and non-fiction books to browse, in both English and Japanese… with single rooms for 30 guests hidden away behind the bookshelves.

(There’s a bar, too, and you can enjoy a tasty American breakfast each morning). 

Each modestly-furnished room – some of which can only be accessed via ladder – comes with a soft-glowing book light…

…so you can simply pluck your favourite book from the ceiling, and get lost in your chosen tale until you’re ready for that dream-filled slumber.

Where you'll be staying

Shinjuku, Tokyo

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