New York

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Huttopia Adirondacks

Lake Luzerne, New York State, USA
A fun and adventurous outdoor camp with cosy accommodations, delicious food, and plenty of fresh-air activities nestled into the base of Kenyon Mountain, amongst 300 acres of woodland.
Bedrooms: 1-2
Sleeps: 5
£107 / night

Camp Orenda

Johnsburg, New York, USA
Luxury camping and fresh adventure in the USA's awe-inspiring Adirondack State Park, just a few hours away from bustling NYC.
Bedrooms: 6
Sleeps: Varies
£150 / adult / night

Floating Farmhouse

Eldred, New York, USA
This design-led manor house has an enthralling blend of vintage charm and modern architecture, gently elevated over a private Catskills creek just two hours from bustling New York City.
Bedrooms: 5
Sleeps: 15
£1,499 / night

Tiny House Marlboro

Marlboro, New York, USA
A pristine, state-of-the-art retreat with rolling, wildlife-steeped apple orchard and mountain views on a 30-acre farm in rural New York.
Bedrooms: 2
Sleeps: 4
£197 / night

Rhinebeck House

Rhinebeck, New York, USA
A geometric, architectural masterpiece and artistic project, secluded within 30 acres of woodland in New York's soothing Hudson Valley.
Bedrooms: 1
Sleeps: 4
£310 / night

The Outlier Inn Tiny House

Woodridge, New York, USA
A peaceful, hand-built retreat in New York State's famed Catskill mountains, on a 12-acre farm estate with plenty of creative flair.
Bedrooms: 1
Sleeps: 3
£120 / night