Planes, Trains and Automobiles (plus the odd helicopter and boat!)/Book your tickets for a first-class holiday, Host Unusual-style

5 May 2017

There’snothing like that free feeling of travelling…knowingthat just by stepping aboard that bus, plane or boat, you’re leaving your caresfar behind you.  If you’re anything likeus here at Host Unusual HQ, you’ll sometimes enjoy the journey itself as muchas your destination!
Now youcan combine your favourite mode of transport with a cosy bed and indulgentstyle worthy of the first-class section, with a stylish assortment of buses,trains and boats (not to mention the occasional helicopter!) all lovingly andcreatively designed to offer the kind of luxurious comfort you’d normally onlyexpect from a five-star hotel suite.   
So, areyou ready to change your perception of transport forever?  Then hop aboard, as we take you on awhistle-stop tour of some of the Host Unusual conversions around!
Bewitching Buses
We beginwith the seriously innovative Bedroam, an Amazing Space that completelycaptivated TV’s George Clarke with its sleek, Japanese-inspired design thattransformed a humble double-decker bus.
Basedjust outside York, Bedroam equals glamping with a unique twist of design-ledstyle, with 14 individual sleep pods (in which 6’3″ George Clarke found he hadmore than enough room to spare!)  You’lleven find ‘his and hers’ bathrooms, a coffee machine and a fridge on board.

Ifyou’re looking for larger group accommodation, open up Pigeon Door – whereyou’ll find three quirkily converted double-deckers (named Betsy Blue, Billieand Beetie) nestled in Shropshire countryside. Each come complete with their own private garden and hot tub for anadded injection of luxury….and with on-site stables you can even bring yourhorse along, too!

TheMajestic Bus is another Amazing Spaces favourite, found in the hearty Herefordshirecountryside.  Gorgeously greensurroundings strewn with sweet-scented wildflowers await you outside, allperfectly viewed from the inside ofthis 1960s Bedford Panorama bus, too. The jewel in the Majestic crown is a purpose-built bathhouse-with-a-view, featuring a roll-top bath surrounded by a wood burner andplenty of twinkling tea lights.
Picturesque Planes and Homely Helicopters
Follow usas we take you to the heart of the Isle of Wight – where you’ll encounter oneof the most unique stays around, in a converted Westland Wessex helicopterknown as Galahad, stationed at Windmill Campersite.
Galahadwas on active duty during the Falklands War, and these days has retained itsoriginal character to provide a rurally romantic stay for two.  Watch the sunset from the comfort of thecockpit, with the comforts of home all around – including an innovativesolar-powered ‘shower shack’ for a truly original break.

If youalways wanted to be a pilot when you grew up (or you still do!) – head forPembrokeshire’s Apple Camping, where you’ll encounter the creatively converted1970s Jet Star – fully equipped with cabin, cockpit and the original plane lighting.  There’s a fully-lit bar area and a cosydouble bed that’s more than fit for first class…but better still, you’ll findJet Star’s original switches and controls all perfectly in tact.  Roger and out!
Romantic Railway Carriages
We thinktrainspotters have an unfair reputation for dullness – one that’ll be turned completelyon its head from the moment you encounter Railway Retreats.  A charmingly converted 1962 MK1 carriagefound at Northiam Steam Railway station along the picturesque Kent and East Sussexline, you can dine al fresco on the elevated glass balcony, surrounded by freshcountryside.  Train carriages simplydon’t come much more luxurious than this!

Tuckedaway in the heart of Dorset, you’ll find High Cross Camping Coach and LivingVan, offering a truly unique stay infused with original character from romantictimes past (the Camping Coach is an authentic rail carriage that hails fromVictorian times, while the Living Van is exquisitely Edwardian) – yettransformed to feature everything you need for a contemporary country stay, setin your very own private garden.
Beautiful Boats
We’re headingfor the riverside, now – the Thames, to be exact – where you’ll find London’soldest houseboat, The Harpy Houseboat, featuring soothing river views that takein Tower Bridge.  Stay in the beatingheart of London without any of the hectic bustle as you luxuriate in yourfloating haven, with four opulent bedrooms, a study, and plenty of originalHeal’s 1920s oak furniture for that stunning touch of tradition.

TheDutch waterways are known for their grace and beauty, and now, with a stayaboard the Hotel Barge Waternimf, you can experience the sense of Dutch canallife in scenic Cambridgeshire.
Originallybuilt in 1906, Waternimf is a former cargo boat that has been transformed intoa welcoming floating hotel.  There’s astylish lounge and dining area, decks that are perfect for enjoying the views,and five double ensuite Dutch-named cabins, all beautifully and comfortablyfurnished in clean, naturally nautical style.  

Sofolks, that just about wraps up our tour…and if you’d like to show your appreciation,why not visit our head over to our categories section and book a follow-up stay?  We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


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