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New to Host Unusual: Ribblehead, Old St John’s Church, Roulotte Retreat and Swallowtail Hill

8 March 2017

We are pleased to announce the arrival of four verydifferent #newtoHU properties this week, starting at Ribblehead, Yorkshire,which was recently on the news with incredible drone footage of a tornadolocomotive crossing the viaduct. Did you know you can stay at station houses onthe same line?  Next up another televised option and the result of anintense restoration of a beautiful Cumbrian church.  Further north againin the Scottish borders and a unique ‘glamvanning’ experience in exquisiteFrench roulottes. Finally, eccentric and homely wood cabins and wheeledcottages in the Sussex countryside.

Ribblehead Station Master’s House and Kirkby Stephen Station
On the renowned Settle & Carlisle line, where RibbleheadViaduct was recently televised with stunning drone footage, you can immerseyourself in the full experience of staying on a historic railway line. Thereare three unique railways houses on offer: Booking Office Cottage &Platform Cottage both occupy station buildings, whilst the Station Master’sHouse is a masterfully restored home in a nestled next to Ribblehead station.Thanks to their prime location all three offer budding trainspotters the rareopportunity to see the natural landscape and iconic viaduct.
Old St John’s Church
If like us here at Host Unusual you are avid fans of GeorgeClarke’s ‘Restoration Man’ you’ll recognise this beautiful church conversioninstantly. A fascinating Grade II listed building, Old St John’s Church is afine example of how to transform a building into both a functional andcomfortable holiday let.  The master bedroom is cleverly located in themain spire of the church, and a loft ladder leads you to a breathtaking viewingplatform. The location too is superb, on the fringes of the North Pennines, adesignated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
Roulotte Retreat
Take seven wonderful and individually designed gypsy Romanywooden caravans or ‘roulettes’, add the rolling hills and stunning beauty ofthe Scottish Borders and the friendly hospitality of owners Avril and Alan andyou have Roulotte Retreat!  Ideal for those looking to get away from the grindof everyday life, the roulottes actually started life in a workshop in Franceand are full of detail and character. Avril and Alan – being keen travellersthemselves – wanted to create a quintessential retreat designed to teleport youfar from your usual life and home.  We think they have succeeded!
Swallowtail Hill
Born out of a love of eco-camping and a sustainable ‘lightfootprint’ approach to tourism, Swallowtail Hill is a delightful off-grid farmthat is set across 40 acres of stunning land in another designated Area ofOutstanding Natural Beauty at Weald. It is a highly biodiverse setting withwildflower meadows, ponds, woods and coppices. The wood cabins and wheeledcottages (think Shepherd’s Huts with a dose of extra panache) not only make aminimal impact on the environment but are also quaint, eccentric andpostcard-friendly, all hand-crafted and nestled in their own unique settings.


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