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New to Host Unusual: Bird’s Nests, Bubbles and Beautiful Yurts

31 January 2018

From the tropical jungles of Thailand to the lunar landscapes of Lanzarote, one thing we have discovered is that extraordinary places to stay exist in all corners of the globe! We start with an exotic Thai retreat with stilted treehouses overlooking the rainforest canopy, before stepping inside our secluded bubble in a pine tree forest in France with open-air Jacuzzi. We finish our journey at a sun-kissed yurt retreat in Spain, with no shortage of eco credentials.


The tropical rainforest of Kamala, Thailand seems like the perfect setting for this exceptional resort, inspired by ancient Thai clans and with accommodation so captivating that we’re sure you have never seen anything like it before! Set on stilts, high amongst the trees, the unique Bird’s Nest Pool Villas allow you to feel completely cocooned whilst you look out over the jungle canopy from your private pool, whilst the Tree Pool Houses are seemingly suspended above ground with two floors of exotic luxury. If you can prize yourself away from your nest, the beautiful Mala Spa offers a range of Asian-inspired treatments, and the beach of Kamala and the rest of Phuket’s attractions are within easy reach, and you can enjoy complimentary holistic activities such as yoga and meditation.


Set deep within a pine tree forest just 15 kilometres from Marseilles in the South of France lies a truly extraordinary experience; step out of your bubble and straight into another one at the amazing Attrap’Rêves! These five translucent bubbles are designed for romance and escapism, each sleeping two adults and with different styles – the Zen Bubble with Japanese tatami style furnishings (above) and Love Nature both offering total transparency for the fully immersive star-gazing experience, whilst Glamour Bubble and 1001 are both partially tinted, as is the indulgent larger Bubble Suite. Whichever cocoon you choose, you’re assured privacy and relaxation, and you can even book an open-air Jacuzzi and in-bubble massages – the ultimate in romantic and unusual escapes.

Finca de Arrieta Yurts

Think of the sun-kissed Canary Islands and you are unlikely to think of yurt holidays, but that is exactly what you will find at Finca de Arrieta, a family-friendly stylish eco resort and perfect off-grid retreat lovingly created on the island of Lanzarote by owners Michelle and Tila. Here wind turbines, solar panels and even your own egg collecting are order of the day – a true affinity with nature that does not compromise on fun, comfort and authenticity. The yurts are well appointed with antique Mongolian furnishings, private kitchens and shower bathrooms. The Eco Yurt Royale is a true sensory treat; with Balinese furniture, drapes and spread over an impressive 83 square metres! Add the pool, playground, trampoline and onsite animals to the equation and you have one truly quirky Spanish holiday oasis.


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