Meet the Owners

Meet the Owners: Eaton House Studio, Essex

20 June 2022

Meet Amy Griffith, owner of Eaton House Studio, an outrageously creative, completely unique ‘pink paradise’ to live out those fairytale dreams, for quirky large group stays in Essex.

What first inspired you to create Eaton House Studio?
My passion for creating, love for set design and the desire to share my artistic vision with others. I always had the vision for creating a large scale art installation and thought it would be perfect to do something ever evolving, but also permanent, that could be used for a plethora of creative purposes. Not only for use for my own work, but also for use by other people whether it be for a commercial photo shoot or private hire stay. We are in our 13th year of business now and it has gone so quick! I am so grateful that people love the artistic surroundings and unique vibe. It’s a real dream come true.

Have you always been in hospitality? If not, what else did / do you do?

I was born into hospitality, but it wasn’t initially my chosen career path and still runs parallel to my passion for being an artist and creative director. My parents owned a bar and restaurant when I was growing up and I have always enjoyed organising parties, designing food and drink experiences, creating themed events and exceeding people’s expectations for their special occasions. When I was in my early 20’s I worked in exclusive members clubs in London, in addition to my job at Agent Provocateur, so I’ve always enjoyed working with people and providing exceptional service. It comes really naturally to me. However, I have primarily worked in the fashion industry in roles such as buyer, design director, brand director, etc. for most of my career pre-Eaton House Studio, and still love creating commercial spaces and consulting for clients. Now I can put all of my experience together to create a lifestyle brand which includes being able to actually stay in spaces that I have created and have one-of-kind, unforgettable experiences.

What’s the best thing about being the owner of Eaton House Studio?
There are so many positives it really is hard to choose. Firstly, getting such amazing feedback from guests and clients that have had the ‘best weekend of their life’ or feel as if they have ‘found their spiritual home.’ I truly love what I do. So, with every event or stay I help a guest plan, I put the same effort in as if I was planning for a family member, dear friend or for myself. So, to get feedback like that is everything. Secondly, working with such an incredibly hard working and dedicated team. We get so many compliments from guests on how welcome and looked after they feel on private hire stays and our clients are always so excited to see their ideas translated into reality by our creative team. Meeting so many lovely people and seeing them happy because of our work is the absolute best thing.

What’s your favourite feature of the house? We know there are many to choose from!
I really love it all and see it all as one space. Walking into a flower cave and then finding yourself next in the tranquil green room. Then moving on to the feeling of being in a magical glittery garden when you make your way into the kitchen, and it goes on and on and on. There is so much to look at from room to room, but I must say I do have a special place in my heart for the Spaceship Kitchen and Universe Lounge which we affectionately call ‘The Blue Room.’ When you are in there you feel transported to another dimension. Time seems to stand still. I’ve never seen anything like it. The Crystal Courtyard is also a real favourite spot of mine in the house. It is so beautiful, peaceful, and has a very paradise-like quality about it.  I also really love all the murals in the garden. One whole side of the house is painted with waterfalls by my dear friend Tizer who is one of the best street artists in the world. If you are a Little Mix fan you may have seen it featured in their ‘Bounce Back’ video. It’s epic.

What do you love about the local area?
I love that the house is situated in nature and observing all of the birds and wildlife that are native to the area. After living in London for 13 years it was a welcome change to be in the countryside. There is so much history in the area and you can do very quaint things like visit Wilkin and Sons famous jam factory that has been in the village since 1885 or visit Layer Marney Tower, which is a little further down the road, where Henry the VIII used to visit for his holidays. However, when guests come to stay, they rarely leave the house! When you enter ‘The Pink House’ it is like you are in another world far far away and you aren’t in a hurry to leave that idyllic bubble.

What’s next for Eaton House Studio?
We are currently in the process of creating our second art installation in Morocco, North Africa.  We are a year and a bit into transforming a house with a 1000 years of history and it will be ready at some point this year. Located in one of the oldest parts of the world, the Marrakech Medina, our latest project is called Starseed House. It is a lot smaller than The Pink House (which isn’t hard!) and is an experience catered for smaller groups of 2-6 guests. The whole theme of it is inspired by the universe and the divine, which represents all one thing to me. It is another very exciting dream location in an incredible part of the world. We are also creating a new Dolly Parton themed space in our original project ‘The Pink House’ and collaborating with other artists on items you will be able to purchase on our online shop. We will continue with our eco-friendly paint range, candles, robes and more!


If you couldn’t stay at your place, where would your ideal holiday be?

I love water and new experiences. So anywhere near the beach or on a boat.

Sum up Eaton House Studio in three words?
Other-worldly, vibrant, unique.

If you were visiting, how would you spend a day at Eaton House Studio?
However, you want to. The options are endless, so it really depends on the guest. When a potential guest gets in touch, we work out what is best for that person and their group.  Everyone is different so we cater to the specific needs of each group, whether that be for private hire guests or a commercial client. The house in itself is an experience, and it takes time to explore so would for sure suggest doing that first to discover all the details within. Relax and enjoy!

Find out more about Eaton House Studio via their Host Unusual listing, and book your luxury group getaway today!



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