Meet the Owners

Meet the Owners: Amsterdam The Crane by YAYS

21 March 2022

Meet the team behind The Crane by YAYS, an iconic, refurbished 1957 Figee crane offering luxurious living, an outstanding location and unbeatable views across Amsterdam East, North and the IJ-River.

blog-meet-yays-driver-owner.jpg Above: Owner Robbert Laus, with the last driver of the crane before it became The YAYS.
What first inspired you to create The Crane by YAYS as a retreat?
The KNSM Island, where The Crane is located, has gone through a full transformation from an industrial area to one of Amsterdam’s creative hubs. We wanted to offer a place where travellers could stay in a piece of Amsterdam’s history and experience the neighbourhood like a true local… what better place than on a harbour crane that was originally constructed in 1957?

What’s the best thing about being the owner of The Crane by YAYS?

At The Crane Apartment we receive travellers from all over the world, they come in search of a unique stay that takes them through the history and culture of Amsterdam. Meeting these travellers, exchanging facts with them about our history and culture and vice versa, is the best thing about owning The Crane. And of course, learning phrases like “another beer, please” in as many languages possible!

The Yays - Crane Apartment - bedroom 3.jpg
What’s your favourite feature of the accommodation?
You will find the best spot of The Crane on the third floor. A comfortable bed with a panoramic view of the IJ River, here travellers can feel at home while watching boats passing by, enjoying a morning coffee or an evening tea and reminiscing of their day findings. On the second floor we also feature a spacious bathtub where you can relax after a long day biking around the neighbourhood. For an extra surprise, look under the sofa to discover more about the history of the Crane, its driver and the area where its located!

What do you love about the local area?
The KNSM Island neighbourhood has so much to offer. From cafes, to shops, to galleries, it is an ideal place to visit if you wish to feel like a local. Additionally, residents are always happy to meet new people and talk about their favourite places, taking you to a new place every time. We personally love having a cup of coffee on the terrace of Kanis en Meiland while watching locals with the boats stop by for their daily drink.

The Yays - Crane Apartment - dining area.jpg
What’s next for The Crane by YAYS?
YAYS has grown in the past years, with Aparthotel properties in Amsterdam, Paris, The Hague, and soon in Antwerp; we hope to expand our apartments help curious travellers unlock the neighbourhood all over Europe.
Sum up The Crane by YAYS in three words
Historic hidden gem.

The Yays - Crane Apartment - bathroom 3.jpg
If you were visiting, how would you spend a day at The Crane by YAYS?
Wake up in the morning to have an energizing coffee in a local café, afterwards take the YAYS bikes around the neighbourhood and find local shops and meet the people in our Neighbourhood Guide. After a full day of exploration, I would enjoy a relaxing evening at home cooking in the fully equipped kitchen, and then a warm bath in the self-standing bathtub.

Find out more about Amsterdam The Crane by YAYS via their Host Unusual listing.
The Yays - Crane Apartment - exterior 3.jpg


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