Escape to a Forest – Here’s Five of the Best Reasons Why

30 August 2018

The forest is the ultimate escape, it’s a break from the norm and offers you the chance to do whatever you want. If you’re seeking adventures, go and find them. They are out there! If you want to relax and simply listen to the chorus of the forest, then do just that.

Whatever you do, it’s a bit of a magical kind of place. Those trees have lived for hundreds of years and could tell a great story or two, don’t forget to listen to them.

Forest Holidays have gathered five reasons why your next break should be to a log cabin nestled deep in woodland…


1.    Drink the fresh air

Soak up some good clean air that you simply don’t find in the towns or cities we live in. There’s evidence that it actually decreases the level of cortisol racing through your body. We live in a world where stress is commonplace and everyday life is busy. Forests give you the chance to dose up on their healthy air and soak up their beautiful scenery, allowing you to take a less anxious path when you return home.

If you think you fancy some sea air too, then Forest Holidays have a location in Cornwall that will offer you both the benefits of the forest and the beach. The sensational Cornish coast is just a 15-minute drive from Deerpark Forest Holidays.


2.    Bathing in the forest is good for us

Just being in the forest is healthy; it refreshes us and rejuvenates us. We all feel better after a little walk in our local woods, but now we have evidence to prove that it really does calm us from this crazy world we live in. Japan’s Chiba University measured blood pressure, pulse rate, and heart rate variability during a day in the city and compared those to the same biometrics taken during a day with a 30-minute forest visit. “Forest environments promote lower concentrations of cortisol, lower pulse rate, lower blood pressure, greater parasympathetic nerve activity, and lower sympathetic nerve activity than do city environments,” the study concluded.

So immerse yourself in the woodland, submerge your senses and get back to nature.

Forest Holidays at Blackwood offers you the chance to try Forest Bathing. The Forest Bathing experience lasts for three hours and includes a guided walk through the forest, with invitations to open your senses to the world around you. You won’t walk far but you will appreciate the forest in a deeper and more meaningful way than ever have before. The experience ends with a shared tea ceremony using foraged plants. It’s one you won’t forget.


3.    There’s hundreds of things to uncover

Whether by foot or on two wheels, the forest is yours to uncover. Enjoy meaningful experiences in the heart of the forest, those kind of adventures that you won’t forget in a hurry.

The Forest Holidays cabins in Scotland can both be found on the edge of a loch. Try things you’ve not experienced before; fish, canoe or collect mussels for supper. Ardgartan Argyll is the perfect base for a Scottish walking holiday, from a relaxing lochside stroll to more strenuous hikes within the Argyll Forest Park. Surrounding the glorious cabins are the Arrochar Alps, a glorious mountain range, they really are an explorers dream.


4.    Spot wildlife

There’s something quite special about seeing wildlife in its natural habitat. A deer roaming, maybe a badger under the stars; the forest is the ultimate viewing point for capturing animals going about their daily business.

Stay at Forest Holidays, Forest of Dean and enjoy woodland walks to Symonds Yat Rock. This limestone outcrop overlooks the River Wye. From April onwards, you can spy the pair of nesting peregrine falcons on the cliff-side.


5.    Admire the colours and sounds of the forest

The forest is alive with possibilities, but sometimes it’s just nice to be at one with it. Admire its ever changing scenery or simply listen to the music of the forest. The birds tweeting, the wind blowing and the leaves rustling make for a relaxing atmosphere. At the right time of year, you’ll be welcomed by carpets of bluebells. Although we’d recommend you get rid of your phone and relax with nature on your doorstep, it really is an Instagram dream.

They say that when it’s in bloom, the heather on the North York Moors can be seen from space. Forest Holidays at Keldy is not far away so stay in the late summer and see it from a closer perspective.

There you go. Picture vast towering oak trees, imagine hearing the charming bird song. Our forests are there to be enjoyed.

Don’t forget, you can use your Host Unusual discount code HOSTUN7 to save 5% on a Forest Holidays break this year.


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