Unplug yourself and holiday off-grid for the perfect escape

22/03/2017 Unplug yourself and holiday off-grid for the perfect escape

Do you begin and end every day with a screen in your hand? Are you constantly tied to a charger?

Electronics habits have a tendency to spiral without us realising what's happening. You find you're spending the daily commute scrolling through your phone and your 9-5 in front of a computer, before you head home for an evening of TV and tablets. It becomes difficult to distinguish work from play, drudgery from fun. It becomes harder and harder to switch off. 

But maybe it's time you to find that switch. If you do, you'll be in good company. Smart people know that while our ability to be constantly connected opens up the world, it can be overwhelming and exhausting. Sometimes, we need to go off-grid to force ourselves to unplug.

What does off grid mean?

Above: Longlands, award-winning off-grid glamping in Devon.

Off-grid traditionally means just that: being somewhere unconnected to the electricity grid and other mainstream sources of power. Instead, power comes from both old and new technologies. You might enjoy a solar shower in the morning and keep warm by a woodburner at night.


Above: Round the Woods eco-friendly yurts in Norfolk.

But off-grid isn't just about where you get your power from. It's a way of life. It's about making a positive choice to take time away from that constant connection to everything and everyone.

Some choose to make a permanent life off grid, buying a piece of isolated land and building a dream home away from it all. They might develop a smallholding, and become at least partly self-sufficient. This is a dream many of us have had on a packed commuter train at 7am on a Monday morning. 

But for most, a life permanently off the grid isn't realistic or even desirable. The Monday commute might not be fun, but it's rarely bad enough to want to give up our home, career and social life for. Instead, a few days away on an off-grid escape is enough to re-energise and cut through the electronic fog.


Above: Idyllic off-grid accommodation at The Dandelion Hideaway in Leicestershire

Off grid retreats

If the idea of an off-grid retreat appeals to you, it's worth thinking about what off grid means to you. You can be off the grid, but with alternative sources of power, still have all the electricity you could want to charge your laptop and phone, and a full signal so you're just as connected (and just as frazzled) as you would have been at home. 

Think of off-grid in lifestyle terms. What do you want to get out of your off-grid experience? If you want to switch off, you might want:

  • No or very minimal electricity, so there's no opportunity for you to charge your devices and therefore no temptation to use them.
  • No phone or internet signal, so even if you have charged devices, you're forced to stay disconnected.
  •  A natural environment, away from the city bustle.
  • The chance to learn about alternative, perhaps more traditional, ways of doing things, such as campfire cooking.


Above: Campfire cooking at The Original Hut Company in East Sussex

Where can I get off grid?

There are so many unique and natural off-grid options to choose from. How about a cosy yurt, a luxury eco-house, or a log cabin hidden in the woods? Or perhaps a bothy, shepherd's hut or beach shack is more your style.

Once you know what you want from your off-grid experience, take a look at our off-grid holiday accommodation, unplug and enjoy your perfect escape.


Above: Shank Wood Log Cabin in Cumbria

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