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Lake Inari Mobile Cabins

Finland / Inari, Lapland
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Full description

Lovingly hand-crafted havens, drawn by evening onto a vast, scenic ice-lake in Finnish Lapland, for the best possible chance of witnessing the captivating Northern Lights.

A unique and mesmerising part of the world, Finnish Lapland is the perfect setting for anyone who's keen to tick "watching the Northern Lights" off their bucket list.

Better still, you can watch them from the comfort of a lovingly hand-crafted cabin, transported right onto the glistening ice of Lake Inari, one of Finland's largest lakes, ideally located just north of the magical Arctic Circle.

Friendly owner Esko had the idea to build himself a cosy portable cabin back in 2012, so he could savour the dancing Northern Lights from the lake's vastly magnificent, completely uninterrupted viewing point.  

Esko enjoyed the experience so much that he crafted a second cabin for guests... and then another, and more besides!

These days, you'll find a total of eight mobile cabins on the secluded ‘base camp' near Inari village. Here, six Classic Cabins are each home to a comfy double bed (one boasts two double beds, sleeping a family of four).

There's also a slightly narrower cabin that's ideal for a solo traveller, and a refurbished caravan - with a glass roof and skis added to the tyres! - that features two single beds.

Whichever cabin you opt for, you'll also find it cosily equipped with toasty heating, lights, storage space, and a handy toilet. Not forgetting a power bank and Wi-Fi, since we've got a feeling you'll be updating your Instagram account on a regular basis, with spectacular views from your roof-window.

Once you've settled in, you can open a good book and relax, or venture out into the camp and take part in a number of local activities. The only issue could be which to choose!

Will you finally learn to ski, with lessons from a local instructor, or embark on a fishing expedition with the famous fishing guide Atte Ikkala?

You could also arrange a visit to a small family-run reindeer farm and get under the skin of the local culture, relax in a traditional sauna, go dog-sledding, or even take a reindeer sleigh-ride.

Meanwhile, if you don't fancy catering for yourself in the communal building, or visiting a local village restaurant, there's also the evening option of devouring local cuisine by an open fire... washed down with plenty of warm glogg, of course!

Afterwards, simply sit back and relax as a friendly guide tows you and your cabin directly onto the glinting iced lake, in prime position to view the greatest natural light-show on Earth.

Things to note

Cabins are available to book during the ice season, during which dates vary but usually range from November to April. There is no guarantee that you will see the Northern Lights during your stay, but there is a very high chance that they will appear on winter nights.

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The basics

The basics

Region: Inari, Lapland
Cost (from): £279 per night
Sleeps: 2 or 4 per cabin
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: Ensuite
Minimum stay: 1 night
Property ref: 2190

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Hand-crafted mobile cabins, each with beds/bedding, toilet, roof-windows, storage space, power bank, Wi-Fi.

6 x Classic Cabins (2 guests, one with extra space for a family of 4).
1 single or small double cabin
1 refurbished caravan with twin beds

Local Activities

Dog-sledding, sauna, snowmobiles, reindeer sleigh-rides, skiing, fishing, campfires, culture tours, village restaurants

At a glance

At a glance

  • Eight hand-crafted mobile cabins with roof-windows, which are towed directly onto the frozen Lake Inari every evening for you to enjoy the Northern Lights at their most beautiful.
  • The family-run ‘base camp' is positioned near the Finnish Lapland village of Inari, on which there are communal lounge, kitchen, dining, and bathroom facilities.
  • Each cabin sleeps between 1-4 guests, with beds, heating, lighting, storage, and Wi-Fi. Toilet facilities are also included in the cabin.
  • There is a programme of activities to enjoy on site, including a traditional sauna, skiing and fishing lessons, dog-sledding, culture-tours, and evening meals enjoyed around an open fire. There are shops and restaurants in the village.

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Lake Inari Mobile Cabins
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